Homeopathy to Treat Cancer?

Homeopathy to Treat Cancer?

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In the HRI Newsletter (Spring 2013) Dr Alexander Tournier gives his views on the recent paper published in the journal ‘Cell Biochemistry and Function’ by Toliopoulos et al which recommends a new approach to assessing the effectiveness of homeopathic products in fighting cancer.

The Greek Researchers behind this proposal have investigated whether homeopathic complexes were able to stimulate the activity of Natural Killer Cells (NKCs) in fighting cancer cells.

(Natural Killer Cells are a subtype of lymphocytes (white blood cells involved in immune functions) which are able to recognise and kill a large variety of virally infected and cancerous cells).

The idea tested by the research team was to see whether a homeopathic product would be able to enhance the natural killing ability of NKCs to help fight cancer.


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