Gleneagles is a world renowned destination spa as well as one of the world’s finest golf courses

Gleneagles is a world renowned destination spa as well as one of the world’s finest golf courses

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Their ESPA LIFE Spa is set in 850 acres of stunningly beautiful countryside in the heart of Scotland at the Gleneagles Hotel.

Gleneagles has a long established reputation for delivering exceptional customer service within a unique, quality driven environment.

The Spa is seen to be a haven of peace, relaxation and tranquillity and offers a range of recuperative and calming treatments.

The Spa by ESPA, designed by internationally renowned designer Amanda Rosa, is a sanctuary from the stresses of life and was built to ensure every aspect of the space enhances the therapeutic ESPA treatments.

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A few years ago the Spa was expanded to include revolutionary integrative lifestyle solutions and luxury spa treatments, together with the Spa’s chic and innovative design making the Gleneagles Spa experiences even more memorable.

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