Do mosquitoes bite you more if you eat sweet foods and how can I deter them?



Do mosquitoes bite you more if you eat sweet foods and how can I deter them?

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Prevention is always better than cure, so it is wise to ensure you don't get bitten in the first place.

There are a number of things you can do to keep yourself bite free.

Bugs tend to be less attracted to lighter coloured fabrics so pack some clothes that aren't dark blue or black; perfumes that are sweet in fragrance and a diet high in sugar will attract the bugs, so cut down on your sugar intake and refrain from wearing perfume.

You could always eat garlic before you go, as the smell will put the mosquitoes off, just make sure the holiday isn't your honeymoon or it won't be just the bugs that aren't biting.

Essential oils that will keep bugs at bay

Mix together 8 drops of the following three oils :

•           Thyme

•             Lavender

•             Peppermint

Then add 16 drops of Lemongrass.

When mixed together, place 2 drops on a ball of cotton wool and leave around the room, they will not want to be in a room smelling of these oils.

Mosquitoes favourite parts of the body to bite are the feet and ankles so ensure you are wearing cotton socks as often as possible, especially if you are out at night or while you are sleeping.

Drop a couple of drops of lavender oil on to the socks as this will deter them too.

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