Cancer and CAM?

Cancer and CAM?

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The CMA website has published a number of articles which have looked at recent research on cancer and various complementary medical and natural healthcare approaches.

The most recent articles (as at May 2013) have looked at:

Homeopathy to Treat Cancer?

In the HRI Newsletter (Spring 2013) Dr Alexander Tournier gives his views on the recent paper published in the journal ‘Cell Biochemistry and Function’ by Toliopoulos et al which recommends a new approach to assessing the effectiveness of homeopathic products in fighting cancer.

Allergies and Sensitivities; Their Pro-Ageing Effects

Natural Health Magazine’s Complementary Health Guru, Jayney Goddard, explains how allergies and sensitivities can accentuate the ageing process

Toxins in Vitamins, Supplements and Health Foods

In an article published in Natural News, the lead ‘investigative’ author, Mike Adams identifies what he believes are the 10 worst toxins that regularly appear in many Supplements, Vitamins, Herbs and Health Foods. His list includes:

Type 2 Diabetes; Insulin Injections Double the Risk of Mortality

Research claims that those Type 2 Diabetes sufferers (33% of them) who use daily insulin injections as part of their treatment are effectively doubling their risk of death.

Spiritual Healing and Women with Breast Cancer?

Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine investigated whether Spiritual Healing could support patients with breast cancer undergoing long-term hormonal therapy for breast cancer.

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