Bionetics - helping your body to heal itself?

Bionetics - Helping Your Body to Heal Itself?

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As Bionetics state

“the healing process starts with the premise that the body is a wonderful natural machine, that when able to work as intended, will keep the body in good health and maintain a very effective defence system”.

Bionetics see themselves as part of the natural science of how you communicate with your own body's own energy systems - in order to gain an understanding of the stresses that are upsetting homeostasis or a balanced state.

Bionetics uses nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and diet in order to try to help you strengthen your body's own natural defences.

For thousands of years ancient cultures have seen the human body as an energy system with the innate ability to heal itself.

Modern day physicists have uncovered the scientific evidence to support these beliefs.

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Bionetics’ instruments have been designed to read these energy signals and identify the individual stresses and nutritional requirements.

Bionetics' stated objective is to help people establish their own body energy balance, and enjoy a life full of well being, and free from illness, pain and suffering.


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