Bach Flower Remedies Review

Bach Flower Remedies Review

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The CMA website covers a number of topics which look at natural remedies used by CAM practitioners, such as BACH FLOWER REMEDIES and how they are being used on various conditions.

Bach flower remedies were developed by an English bacteriologist, Edward Bach over 80 years ago.

They consist of dilutions of various flowers and their parts and are thought to retain certain healing qualities, especially for emotional conditions.


Some of the Bach Flower Remedies used in this therapy include:

Oak is for strong, steady people who never give up under adversity

All about Oak - the Bach Flower Remedy

Red Chestnut for people who feel fear for the well-being of others

All about Red Chestnut - the Bach Flower Remedy

Aspen is the remedy for any fear whose cause can't be named

Aspen Bach Flower Remedy

Rock Rose is the remedy against terror

All about Rock Rose - the Bach Flower Remedy

Scleranthus for people who find it difficult to make up their minds

All about Scleranthus - the Bach Flower Remedy

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