Antibiotic resistance accelerates exponentially

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Antibiotic resistance accelerates exponentially

From Harvard Medical School, this very short but utterly terrifying film that is doing the rounds on social media right now shows exactly how fast antibiotic resistance develops. CMA President, Jayney Goddard's keynote lectures at the 'Glastonbury Symposium' and the 'Surviving in a Post-Antibiotic World' conference covered this alarming phenomenon - and the solutions.

Essentially, doctors have to take on board that prescribing antibiotics for anything other than a life-threatening condition or situation must stop now. Lifestyle interventions will do much to improve public health and more work must be done to bring knowledge of herbal medicines into mainstream usage - as well as making other viable, ethical, effective snd inexpensive modalities - particularly homeopathy available.  The video speaks for itself - but you can read about the thinking behind the clever experiment's protocol here


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Does kindness assist longevity? Read this story and make up your mind. Although not strictly 'complementary medicine' as such, we can't help feeling that perhaps this man's kind and caring disposition may in some way contribute to his longevity. And there's good evidence to support the concept that love, kindness and compassion are intrinsically linked to better health and longevity. To read more about this take a look here. Alfred ‘Alfie’ Date learned to knit in the 1930s so that he could make a jumper for his new nephew. Flash forward over 80 years, and Alfie’s knitting skills are allowing him to help his country’s wildlife. Amazingly enough, at 109 years old, Alfie is worried about having idle hands, so he is putting his knitting needles to work and creating the most adorable sweaters for penguins!

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