Abrasions and Cuts: Tea and Cake to Treat Abrasions and Cuts

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cake.jpgTea and Cake to Treat Abrasions and Cuts

A cup of tea and a slice of spicy honey cake - or rather some of it's ingredients - are all one needs to treat cuts and grazes, according to one common traditional recipe!

Cinnamon  used as an anti septic.

Clove oil disinfected the wound, honey enhanced the healing process (as well as being an antiseptic), whilst tea stopped bleeding and protected against infection when applied topically to the wound.

As yet, no use has been found for the remainder of the cake mixture!

Other frequently used remedies included the external application of onion juice, sage tea, marigold flowers and dock, parsley or comfrey leaves.

Marigold flowers are still commonly used to this day to treat cuts and abrasions, although they are now more commonly known as calendula and come in cream form.

On a more peculiar front, fresh elderflowers were once added to equal quantities of lard, heated until the flowers were crisp and then strained through linen to make an ointment for cuts.


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